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November Meeting Report

For our holiday meeting on 30 November the Odessa Club was already decorated for seasonal cheer, and we brought festive cupcakes for those who were willing to brave the chilly weather and the stairs to attend our Laydeez do Comics – Dublin meeting.

Our quartet of guests – Leeann HamiltonMichael Carroll, and Gareth Gowran & Sadhbh Lawlor – were in good spirits before the event, and we were soon joined by our cartoonist du jour, Debbie Jenkinson, followed by another solid turnout of comic book enthusiasts.

Here’s Debbie’s interpretation of the meeting:

Laydeez do Comics - Nov meeting by Debbie Jenkinson

Leeann discussed her influences, including some images of her early art – a love of Sonic the Hedgehog proved to be prophetic – and her career path up to her comic book series Finn & Fish, and current projects. Mike talked about his early exposure to 2000AD and how it fixed his desire to write comics, which eventually led to him writing for … 2000AD. Gareth and Sadhbh gave us a whirlwind tour of their early influences, leading up to a breakdown of their collaborative process on their daily web comic Splitting Borders.

Afterwards we had a lively Q&A sessions with the audience, which led to some good advice about figuring out one’s creative voice and the importance of working through rejection and setbacks.

Then it was time for drinks and polishing off the cupcakes, and in the end we had to force our über-polite attendees to dip into the bag of comics to take away their comic swap. In the spirit of the season some generous souls brought more than one wrapped comic so a few people got extras.

Our thanks as always to our fantastic guests, and our cartoon chronicler, for giving up their valuable time to support our meeting and help inform and encourage the Irish comic book community.

And check out Gareth & Sadhbd’s web comic on the Monday after our meeting.

Good luck to all our Laydeez do Comics regulars during this holiday season, and we wish you plenty of fantastic comics in 2014! We appreciate your support.

And a final THANK YOU to the Odessa Club, for their fabulous venue and their helpful staff.

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7 comments on “November Meeting Report

  1. Life Dreaming
    December 4, 2013

    As always you two pull together a great event that is social, professional, timely and enjoyable.

    Well done and LOVE Debbie’s cartoon.

  2. Paul Sheridan
    December 5, 2013

    Well done Maura and Lynda. A very friendly, funny and informative meeting once again. Mike, Gareth, Sadhbh and Leeann were excellent. Love Debbies cartoon. I was tempted to have a peek over her shoulder when she was drawing, but I would have had to stand on a stool. Not cool!

    • Maura McHugh
      December 5, 2013

      Thanks Paul! It’s always a treat to see you. 🙂

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