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Bumper Holiday Meeting

Laydeez do Comics - DublinThe third meeting of Laydeez do Comics – Dublin, will take place from 2.30pm – 5pm on Saturday, 30 November, 2013 in the 3rd floor bar of the Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2 (not the rooftop bar on this occasion).

Since we’re on the cusp of the holiday season we’re offering a bumper meeting, and this time it’s taking place during the day at the weekend to facilitate as many people as possible who want to travel to the meeting.

Our guests will be Leeann Hamilton, Michael Carroll, and Gareth Gowran & Sadhbh Lawlor.

All welcome!

In the spirit of gift-giving we’re also going to have a comic swap at the meeting: please bring along a comic book, or piece of art, that you would like to exchange with another person at the meeting. We ask creators not to bring their own comic books for exchange. This can be a comic book you have finished reading and would like to distribute, or a case where you own two copies of a comic. Please wrap it (newspaper is fine!) so they can be exchanged blind. If you don’t like what you get you can always try to haggle for a different copy later on.

Please don’t spend money on buying a comic. It’s meant to be a fun, free way of discovering new work and promoting other people’s comics.

The presentations will include:

popLeeann Hamilton will discuss her manga influences, the trajectory of her career, and her self-published series Finn & Fish.

popMichael Carroll will talk about his work in 2000AD fanzines and how it influenced his entry into comic book writing.

popGareth Gowran & Sadhbh Lawlor will explore the ins-and-outs of working in collaboration on Splitting Borders, as well as their separate projects.

There is a suggested donation of €3-5 from everyone attending the meeting to cover the organisers’ costs.

The programme for the meeting is:


popLeeann Hamilton talk – 20 minutes

popMichael Carroll talk – 20 minutes

popGareth Gowran & Sadhbh Lawlor talk – 20 minutes

popQ&A with all four guests


popComic Swap!

Please note the venue is not wheelchair accessible, and up three flights of stairs.

Laydeez do Comics is women-led, not women-only. Each meeting usually features a range of speakers with a variety of experiences in the comic book industry.

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