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Sarah Bracken

Sarah BrackenSarah Bracken is an artist who has just moved to her own house in Crumlin with her boyfriend and their cat Marbs. She’s currently in the process of getting her studio up and running again, where she’ll have a darkroom and a screen printing set up. From there she’ll also run her Etsy shop Rosie’s Rags, her publishing company Baby BEEF Independent Art Press, as well as creating her own art.

Her day job is at the Centre of Creative Practices where she’s the venue coordinator and administrator. Sarah has been working in the arts and exhibiting regularly since she graduated with a 2:1 degree in fine art from D.I.T. and won the Lorna Brett Bursary Award in Printmaking in 2009. Before that she went to Ballyfermot where she fell in love with photography and mixed media. You can find out more about her professional background on her LinkedIn profile.

GrimmShe works in many different media: drawing, collage, video, and print, but photography is her joy. She owns an army of analogue cameras, and loves each and every one. All of them have different personalities and capture different worlds.

Making zines and artist books is her passion. She publishes them under Baby BEEF independent art press, and sells them at book and zine fairs. She’s delighted to have many of her books archived in the National Irish Visual Arts Library.

In 2011 she founded the Dublin Zine Fair, to support and promote DIY publishing, independent press, artist books, and zines. It has been a huge success so far and runs in August annually. She has also completed a lot of graphic design work and websites for bands, events and businesses, and been commissioned to do photography shoots and paint murals. As well as all of this she runs a small embroidery kit business called Rosie’s Rags.

Sarah’s ultimate goal is to open Ireland’s first zine shop / art and craft café.

Dublin Zine Fair 2013

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