Laydeez do Comics – Dublin

Talking comics in Dublin

First meeting on Wednesday

Sarah sips tea in Dublin

Sarah McIntyre & Hervé Tullet in Dublin – drawn by Sarah

Just a reminder that the first meeting of Laydeez do Comics – Dublin is taking place from 7pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday, 22nd May, in the Rooftop Bar of the Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2.

Here are some recent updates for our guests:

Sarah McIntyre has been in Dublin for several days, and took part in the Annual Conference of Children’s Books Ireland. she put up a lively blog post about it, and discussed her current comic strip in The Sunday Times.

Alan Nolan was also a guest at the Children’s Books Ireland conference, and appeared on a panel with Sarah and Rory McConville, talking about pushing the boundaries for comics.

Both Alan and Maeve Clancy will be guests at 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival in Derry from 30th Mary – 2nd June. Each of them will be leading workshops aimed at younger people.

Of course, you only have to wait until Wednesday to see all of them at Laydeez do Comics – Dublin!

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